lem11prepInto, inside.Tey litô lem hólólen kun, luk gu bè blututen, lel gu bè hahan.It's said there was blood inside his hands, at the same time (coming) from his abdomen and from his thighs.Tedu nù lemen yem sningem?What is inside your bag?d-.Down below; lower level of land.sen-.Ne le ne sbung yó kem tau mulu senta ke senlem ke seneged duhen sembwak yem gunù.First the wedding party will assemble above or down below or upstream or downstream of the house.vardlemcfe- 12vTo fill, as a container.Lemem du silà ni sakù.Fill this sack with corn.g-.Glem lem Bukidnon yem Malaybalay.To be a part of, as a place.Malaybalay is part of Bukidnon.h-.To make heavy, cause to be filled.m-.Ke deng sut bungu yem halay, nù du bulóken, ne deng nbuten mlem, mon le mlem lemnaw.When the fruit of the rice has come, its flower is already there, and already it has started to fill out; they say its filling out is green (with grain).n-.Okóm wen se libun alì gel metlasik, ket sol ehek ket gel nlemen.But there are some women who are very fast, filling each dibble-stick hole.cfsulu 13vTo have many things when returning from collecting a debt or shopping; to be really full; to have plenty of money and many things to carry.adjWell-stocked, as a store.meg-.Tey meglem yem tindaen.That store of hers is really well-stocked.4nClitoris.cftoo 15nSeeds.Yó gel homong hulu le ke wen lem timun le, gel segeng le bè yem kulu le silà.They also plant cucumber seeds, at the same time they plant corn.lem2idiomMeaning, purpose or content of what is said or done.Tedu lemen yem ógówem?What is the purpose of your coming?

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