lowilvarmowilnLivelihood; life.vTo give life; to give things needed for living.g-, h-.Timbow smólók yem tau fun gunù yó koni, ne btang se udél yem tau fun ngà wen desen, monen, "Ke yó dum là kenbéem dou nim uu nii, tóe hlowil béléem."After the host has asked (his purpose for coming), then the parent of the sick child answered, saying, "If you're not rejecting me, I would have life from you (i.e., lend to me so that I can live)."k-.Lem bulul gunu le alì nù abay se yó gunu le tmiba lan le mebel klowil.They stay mostly in the mountains because that is where they make their rice field seeking their livelihood.m-, -em-, -en-.Yó monen, "Hol lenowilem dou yem ngà."What he said was, "Make that child live for me."s-.

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