ledof11.1nSense, rationality; feeling.Ke wen ledofen yem tau là kô tu du monen.If that person had any sense he certainly wouldn't say that.Tey ngà ni, laen dù ledofen, nogoten yem là mólósen.My this child here, he has no sense, he holds that dirty (thing).synhendem 1.1hedem1.2vTo be clean, tidy, neat.Olò ye hedof dé.You should be clean (poor sanitation, untidy).synnawa 1.2ungef 1.122.1nA felled tree.cfdofuk 12.2vTo fell trees left standing in a field otherwise prepared for planting.Ni beyung mò ledofem.Here's the axe for felling (the trees).synaba 2ofok 1

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