olovarmolonolo1advJust, only, merely, simply.Olo udì néen yem blayu.It was only a little that I gave.Olo le hmungol du ke hyu muhenen.They just listen to see if the omen bird's call is good.cffes 22varholovTo move slowly, as people; to flow slowly, as a thick, sticky substance like coco honey.g-, h-.Holo ye etlem basak yó él.Let the water flow down into that rice paddy.k-, m-.Tey tau wen molo e mool.There were many people moving slowly to a lower area.s-.adjCalm, thinking straight.Stulóni béléen he ke deng nan molo nawahen.Talk to him later when he has calmed down.n-.Béi tagad hloni ebéléen tau laen dù nolo hendem yóó.Don't go near that person there whose thinking has no calm flow.olo él Water flow.cfmasay 1olo nawaidiomFlow of breath (mood or feeling).3vTo dry something slowly, as over the fire.Olo ye te ofi yem law mò solok kuy fak.Dry over the fire that wild cane for our light in hunting frogs.4vTo restring beads.Olo yê yem hnumbu gna.Mother rethreaded the antique bead necklace.

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