var1advWhereabouts; thereabout."E Sembilà, fen u mkaf du kut," mon Hnu, "anì fen tudaem do ke wen tógó ta.""Oh Sembilà, you be the one to climb for us," Turtle said, "so that you be the one to throw the ripe ones there on top to me."2vargnùvTo stay, dwell, live somewhere.Ke nui lem blóng le, gbek le tódô gmastu kóm bè kihu ken le.If you dwell in their midst, they are able to provide for you from any of their food.advIn or around, as at home.m-.Bud kuy semfulék he là dengen mnù fun gunù.We'll just come back again later, the owner of the house isn't around yet.3vTo place, to put; to have.Wen béléem bè yó?Do you have (some money) with you there?Mdengen ke ket tau ket ne tlu dumun fat hunges ken béléen.It's plentiful if each person has three or four (pieces of) wrapped food placed with him.h-, m-.varhnù4introgQuestion word Where. se du?Where is it?

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