gadvarmgadnYell, shout.vTo prod, nag loudly, yell or shout at.Tey gaden tu kem ngà ma silà.He really yelled at the children getting, he-, ke-, m-.Okóm lemwót se ke Tahaw kun, són moen tendo gel mgad kem tau anì géhél le mbut tmiba, anì yó géhél le gemgehek abay se tey alì meslò ktuken yem Sit Bokong, kóyóen ke géhél bud gemken halay lomi.But Long-tail Nightjar continually yells at the people so that they'll quickly begin to make their field and be able to plant rice, because Dusky Mannikin pressures them for her payment, so she could quickly eat new rice again.n-, s-.syn2

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