angil1varmangilvTo chew or break off sugarcane (with teeth only).Ukel alì angil yem tey noko mgel yóó yem ngà nihi tek hilu dù mteg.It is very unlikely he'll break that hard sugarcane off with those very few teeth left standing there.g-, h-, k-, m-.s-.cfékét 1angil2idiomSaid of a child who keeps breastfeeding/sucking when his teeth are already complete and it hurts the mother since there is not enough milk anymore.Ksón tendo mangil nim tey ngà deng tuha nii.To this time this already matured child here is still sucking (for more milk).angil3idiomSaid of horses during a fighting contest.Hónói mungol du langat tau deng na le e stengen sangil Bulaw ne yem kudà balaen.You get tired hearing all the people screaming when Bulaw and the other horse attack and bite each other.

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