bunù1vTo attack, wrestle with; to meet some disaster, have an accident; to suffer.Tu gónón dê gbunuen lemwót bè là gel kimónen.That's why he met with much disaster due to his disobedience.g-.Deng mom ou gembunù du ulék yem kóm là kgulit.It's me instead (of you) who suffers the consequences of your waywardness.h-, k-, m-.Tey kemgis munù yem ohu Mà Dì.Uncle's dog is strong to attack (another dog).-m-, -n-, s-.vargbunùsbunùsyngfà 1glumfak 1fromlumfakgembunùidiomA woman's monthly cycle.2v(Of marriage arrangements) to match or exchange items.Bunuem du kmagi yem bew.Exchange a gold necklace for that carabao.synbot 1seblà 1fromblà 1stibó1 1fromtibóstud 2fromtud

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