olobnWater for washing, bathing; the water something was washed or rinsed in.Olob ken sotu tilob gel él le lemnaw.Water the rice was rinsed with is one that is good to use for cooking greens, vegetables.vTo wash something, as hands, feet, hair, dishes, pots, vegetables, edible roots.Sundu olob huyów du yem él yó.That water there is not used to wash dishes.g-, h-, k-, m-.Okóm là hyu molob tdok ke wen mken blibù, hyu ke tódô senyul.But it's not good to wash fingers (hands) if someone eats corn flour; good if a spoon is used.n-.Nitem lem él yem ubi, nolobem bè yó.Take the sweet potatoes to the river, wash them there.s-.cfdyo 1louf 1oufadjTo be thoroughly washed.meg-.cfouf 1udós 1ugud 1

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