laan1varmaannLightness, as in weight, mood.vTo make the weight of something lighter; to lighten one's mood.g-, h-.Hlaan ye nawa ye mò du ke wen nmò ye ni hlafus.Make your mood light when you do your work this morning.k-.adj(Of people, animals, things) lightweight.-em-.Tey lemaan yem silà tnimbangu ginu, là kóen bong kiluhen.The corn I weighed earlier was very lightweight, its kilograms were not many.-en-, s-.Tey le slaan nawa.They have light feelings for each other (lit. they like each other).antblat nawaidiom ofblat 1cflóyóf 2lemaan nawaidiomLighthearted, in good mood.Lemaan nawahu lanu dyo ginu.I feel lighthearted because I bathed earlier.2prepUnderneath; below. When used with gu, it usually means before.Yó kmò le yó kem hunges ken, bnos le lu laan tiba.What they do with the food wrappers is hide them underneath the cut grass.Gu laan le là deng mehek, yó nmò le, natul le ken le mehek ne utón le snéen.Before they plant rice (with dibble-stick), what they do is plan their food for planting and their meat also.varsnaan

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