klangkangvarkmangkang1nA branch of fruit such as coconut, betel nut; dried branches of trees.se-.One branch of coconuts, etc.2nUntidiness, dryness of the hair that sticks together from sweat caused by the heat of the sun or from not combing it for a long time.vFor the hair to be untidy from being in the sun or from not combing.he-.Gunum alì gu heklangkang ni?
Where did you come from to be so untidy?ke-.
adj(Of hair) dry and stiff from not covering the head when out in the sun; dirty-looking, untidy, uncombed.Tey kem ngà kmangkang kem ngà ni.What untidy children these children are.-m-.Mom kmangkang (lem kuluhen) ngà ni alì htabag lem ékét kdaw.Instead of (being nice) this child's hair is dry from being out in the sun.-n-.synékéng 1klang 2tfasang 1

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