lanvarmlan1varheglanRoot refhlan 2fromlan 2nPath, way, road; area worked on; handiwork.Sotu kdaw ston le Ibid ne Kyol bè bótóng lan.One day Brown Lizard and Monitor Lizard saw each other on the main path.Yó kem kimu lan libun mò, yó se blay gu bè libun.Those items which are women's handiwork are what they give from the woman's side.vTo pass through, follow a path.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ke kulos yem silà duhen ke là mnómen, gel mon le silà nolos, abay se yem tniba kun gel gna mlan talaken bolos.If the corn is shriveled or if it's not tasty, they call it undeveloped corn, because the civet cat first passed through the field.n-.logi lan1idiomA person who only roams around (lit. man of the path).2varhlannMeaning, sense.Tedu se lanen udél ni?What is the meaning of this word?vTo make sense.Tey mlan sok du mudél.It makes sense when he is the one to talk.mò tulón là mlanidiomTalking without sense.3conjBecause, when.Klel litô gu laan hólól tihen kun Iwas lan Hnu mò sulô.At the same time blood was coming from the soles of Monkey's feet because Turtle had made bamboo traps.

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