ówólvarmówól1nTie.Mtohi kut blókón mò ówól yó sdô.Cut for us a vine to use as a tie for that pig.vTo tie to a post, as a horse that is acting up; to tie a clay pot by its neck in order to hang it up; to set a date by tying knots in a cord.Ówól le buteng, kihu kul kehtahà du, mukas sfolò duhen lewu folò fat ke limu.They tie knots to set the date, no matter how long they want it, more than ten or twenty-four or twenty-five (days).g-, h-, k-, m-.Deng klubek le yem halay, omin le mówól buteng.When they have pounded the rice, then they tie-knots to set the date.n-, s-, sems-, sens-.synfét 2mówól butengidiomWhen a wedding feast is planned, knots are tied in long strands of abaca and given to each party and each day a knot is loosened so that they will know the day of the feast.2vTo hang; to tie around the neck.varhówólmówól lihol1mówól lihol3To hang by the neck, to commit suicide.

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