akatvarmakatmegakatvTo take things out of storage; to transfer to a new house; to open up what has been closed up and scatter what was kept in order.akaten ngà ni.This child is scattering everything that has been closed up.Yem bulón akat me eta gunù tngel.It was full moon the month we transferred to our house.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tau du makat du yem henyuhu?Who opened up what I put away?n-.Bê ye nakat kahunu kem ngà.Don't you children open up my box.s-, sens-.Moen ke gotu sensakat ye yem henyuhu?Why did you all open and scatter what I had put away?cfukal 1akat doidiomThe same; no difference. It is your perception that makes something appear the same but it is actually different.Akat do se yem libun tonu fatu él hol lumun tô yéem.There was no difference, the woman I saw across the river was just like your mother.ken makatidiomA feast celebrating the move into a new house.

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