varnmò1varkmònWork.varmò nmòvTo do, make; build.Gel le lubed ke deng móyónen sabi.They usually make sticky corn when it's almost dry.nmò le ke kmusu le, olohen lewu duhen tlu slomong.What they do when they thresh is, only two or three go together.g-, h-, k-, n-.Ke sbool ni kem ilô ni, hentlasik le mò nmò anì géhél le mehek.If these signs (in the stars) are mixed (unclear), they will work fast so that they can quickly plant (rice).cfgdot 1dotBéi moem!idiomDon't be silly!Mò kmò le se kul?How are they?Mò kmò tekuy du?What will we do?/How about us? (They have theirs, but what about us?)Mò kmoem?How are you?Mò kmoen ke...?What if ...?Mò kmoen se?What/How was it?Mò kmoen?What is it like?Mò kuy du?What about yours?/Where is yours?/How about you?Mò nmò.He is working.2prepFor, to, by."Bè ni ne, Sembilà, gunuhu mbot kóm," mon Iwas ke Hnu."Here now, Friend, is where I'm going to throw you," Monkey said to Turtle.Ni se kóm.This is for you.Monu du...I said to him...Yó gunu le temngón du bè kekdol yem blotik.The way they know it is by the movement of the stars.

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