bulón1nThe moon; month.Tey mtataw yem bulón ebuteng, tódô kkólen mwas mnóng.The moon was so bright last night, it shone until daybreak.Traditionally a month is considered as two moons, since it is calculated from full moon to full moon.Appendix 01 Phases of the moon; Appendix 15 Heavenly bodies and atmosphere2nA (Gregorian) month; an agricultural season.The importance of rice in the world view of the Tboli can be seen in the fact that the year is divided according to the different stages in rice production.

Agricultural Seasons
bulón tmiba season for clearing a rice field, January, February
bulón ktem ne mehek season for burning (the cleared underbrush) and planting (rice) by dibble-stick, March
bulón mehek ne mulu silà bè tniba season for planting (rice) by dibble-stick and planting corn in the rice field, March, April
bulón kemlo season for weeding, May, June
bulón mken silà tniba season for eating corn from rice field, July
bulón muta halay season for harvesting, August, September
bulón kmusu ne kemlo lami season for threshing and weeding the harvested rice field (in order to plant vegetables), October, November
bulón kogol kmusu season after threshing, November, December

vTo calculate by the month, as when working for someone and being paid for one's work.-n-.Là snukéy le kum kendaw, bnulón le mi.They don't pay us by the day but by the month.s-.Ke deng gefet sbulónen, omin le kmusu.When it has reached one month, then they thresh it.

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