kdawvarsendawnDay; sun.Hékéng le bè kdaw duhen ta ofi.They will dry it (the corn) in the sun or hang it above the fire.Deng klós le du, són nangat le kékéngen ne kdawen ktem le du.After cutting off the branches, they wait only for it to dry and the day for burning it.vTo pay someone by the day.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.advToday; on this day.-em-.Sok lumun haya duen yem kehek le, lumun kemdaw ni yem na le e kehdà but bnék ditu talak tniba.When they will plant rice the next day, today is the day they put up the rice table in the middle of the field.adjDaytime.Kemdaw yem ksut le, là móyô le mógów kifu.It was daytime when they arrived; they don't want to travel at night.cfhedaw 1seklewet 1was 1dmata kdaw2East.edmata kdawToward the east.Appendix 18 A 24 hour day

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