book1nThe inside, reject layer of a small bamboo naf.Ne sok deng gotu kesdu le du yó kem naf omin le gotu bud mkó booken.When they have cut (split) the small bamboo into strips then they remove all the inner rejected part of it.2varhbooknFoolishness.Katen alì wen booken ngà ni.This child really has foolishness.cfyol 1vTo have the spirit of foolishness.synbisung 1hekligol1 1hkitek 1sngót 1sondit 1cfgamaw 1méw 3mo 1motoy 1smet 1ukô 1adjFoolish; unwise; untrained.synasén 1bakà 1iba 2sekban 1kbancfbo 2me 2ungel 1

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