élnWater; a liquid; a river, stream or tributary.Là gbek le mifal du él tey mgel.They were not able to cross the river, it's very strong.cfhikong 1él bungu koyu'Juice of fruit'.él kulónRainwater.él lefòCoconut milk.él tahuTrue water (drinking water).él tifasPalm drin.él tutù1Breast milk.kulu élSource of a river or stream.vTo put water on something to be cooked; to be very moist, wet, as rice cooked in too much water; to drain as an ear, eye, sore.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-.Neélem kut dé yem ken.Put water on the rice for us.cfbob 1kokol 1linu 1sfut 1tbul 1mudél meélidiomTo struggle to speak while sobbing.Béi mudél meélem dé.Don't speak muffled in tears there.

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