studfromtud1vTo support, encourage, strengthen one another.Sok le stud yó kem tau setwoli là kóen gel legen ke wen lenóngón nawa le.If a family supports one another it certainly doesn't take long (to take care of it) when they have problems/, sem-, sen-.synduf 2stengeb 1tengebtgel 1gel 32adjEven, equal, as the number of items exchanged in the marriage system.Sok stud kimu laen kat dê sentulón sok wen gunun sidek kesyehen le yó kem ngà.If the number of properties exchanged are equal, there's not much to talk about when the marriage of the children doesn't work.synbunù 2sbantang 1sfet 1sken 1kenstibó1 1tibócfseblà 2blà 1stimbang 1timbang

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