ewel1nWeave, texture of cloth.Hgetem ewel yem newelem.Tighten the weave (strands) of that cloth you are weaving.vTo weave cloth by crossing the warp threads on the woof using a loom.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Lumun se ke nes newel, hlungkal ne kihu kimu libun.Like if it's cloth being woven, earrings or anything used by women.2adjImprecise or inefficient in a job.Bong ke Tihô kun ke mogot beyung, tey ewel.As for Tihô when he holds the axe, he's very inefficient (does not know how to handle it).Used mostly when referring to someone not able to use a knife or an axe very well, can not hit the same place twice.cfangaw 1ewel nawaidiomState of confusion.

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