lamangvarklamanglemamangnWide, large in area, as land, road.Ke là holen wen tau kemlo, ne luken alì lamang, sal gel wen tebel du yem kenlo.If there aren't very many people to do the weeding, and if it's a very wide, large area, there's always some of it left to be weeded (not all done in one day).vTo use a wide area; to extend beyond the boundary; to take up so much room.g-, h-.Béi alì hlamang dé, oloi dmalang htifo.Don't take up so much room, just learn to manage yourself.k-, -em-.Sidek mton du soki matal ke alì lemamang.It is bad to see when you put lipstick on if it is smeared (outside the lip line).synglumang 1lumang 1sekama nawa 1cfsból 1ból 3hlamangidiomSaid of a person who is inconsiderate and occupies even the space of others when sitting down or standing.lamang hendemidiomSaid of a person who is broad minded, creative in his thinking.

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