glungnA warning call of the omen bird, (predicting difficulties ahead if the individual continues the activity he/she is involved in).Sok glung kun, angat tmulón luung nawahem. Dê mgel sut béléem.If it is his warning call, it is telling of something that will cause you to be heavy-hearted/troubled. You will experience many difficult things.Symbolism is involved in the meaning of this call, since glung rhymes with luung used in the phrase luung nawa 'to be heavy-hearted, anxious, troubled'.cfmuhen 1lemuhenAppendix 19 SoundsvFor the omen bird to warn of difficulties ahead through giving a certain call.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-."Genlungem o kun, Muhen, ke wen des me du nim ktibahu.""Warn me, Turtle Dove, by a certain call if we will encounter sickness with my continuing this rice field."se-.The above request is taken from a divination ritual asking the Owner of Rice to have the omen bird give his warning call if the individual and/or members of his family will become sick or if there will be a poor harvest of rice if he continues making the rice field he has started in a certain area.cfkukut 1kutel 1

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