ulit1vTo repeat, follow; to review.Kéng ulitem du yem tehe monen.It really happened as it had been said.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.Yake sulit kut bê le snolò udél yem tau lengel.Good if (they) follow us (our right thinking); they should not keep track of the words of a drunk person.sems-.Ke deng tlu dounen msut yem kleb hulu le yó, tódô snuma le semsulit mokol du anì mlel lenoken.When three leaves have come out on the taro they planted, they repeat digging around it so that it will continue its filling out.sens-.vargulitcfnulék 1fromulék2adjYes, that's it; that's right.synel 1frome 1heel 1fromeltahu 1cfdume 1

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