butvarsbut1nBase of plants; foot of the mountain; bottom part of something.Tau munung gunù myón bè but hehek klohok ofi.(At the wedding feast) the host (lit. person watching the house) sits at the base of the post near the fire.Angat glimun lubék yem gunù hteg le but bulul yóó.That house built at the foot of that mountain will be covered with a landslide.Deng mom hlingay lem but linu kun Hnu.As for Turtle, he lingered at the bottom of the pool.s-.Tek sbut ubi koyu kendutu.I pulled out just one plant (lit. one base) of the cassava.cftinu1 12varhbutnBeginning, start, source, cause of something.Uu se but yem keskó le.You are the cause of their separation.vTo begin, to start.Ne tódô buten bè yó ne yem hol kkinì nawa yó kem tau bè yem hol kmò le tniba mò hnalay le.And right then the people began to be inspired to make their rice fields.Béen wen tódô nwit ye ke là na ye hbut du bè tau funen.You shouldn't just take something if the owner has not consented to it (lit. if it doesn't start with the owner).g-, h-, k-.Wen yem bulón kbut le tmiba.There's a (certain) month when they begin (lit: beginning) to make fields.m-.Ke deng tahà deng guléhen kemsuna, omin le yó mbut kemlo du.When (the rice) is tall and has more leaves than onions, they begin to weed it.n-.Ke nbuten mosò yem halay, mon le mosò lehen.When the rice begins to form its fruit, they say it's pregnant (lit. it's forming thinly).cfbala 43nA broken bolo, only about one-fourth of the blade left.syngbut 1cfbangkung 1

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