fanCebuano pan1nBread, as rolls.Mlihi kut dé fan mò utón te kefi.Buy bread for us to go with our coffee.syntnafay 1cfmambang 12nBait, lure used for fishing.Mahil le bkó bè yem hengalaf sok ken le yem fan le du.They (prey) easily spring the trap when they eat the bait put in it.umù fanidiomUnfair judgment, one suffers even though all were involved (lit. using someone as bait at the frontline).3vTo put food aside for someone; to reserve.Fanem kem ngà katayen.Put aside its liver for the children.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synangat 4htifes 1igam nawa 1tdù 1tginof 1cfabung 1hlinok 1hyu 2tgama 1

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