abavarmaba1vTo start to clear a rice field.Suk du abahem du yem tnibahem?What bolo (did you use) to begin to clear your rice field?g-, h-, k-.Tey minggel nóng kdaw yem kaba le ekimel.The weather was really good when they began clearing (a rice field) yesterday.m-.Maba, yem là tahu ktiba du he.To begin work on (a rice field), it is not truly clearing the rice field yet.n-.Sok deng wen yem numa tuha ton le, hnatik le mò angat naba le.When they have found a mature new growth forest, they will mark it (as a sign of ownership) where they will start to clear a rice field.Just a little work is done on a small area in order to listen to the omen bird for direction. If the omen bird call is good, more work will be done, but if not it will be abandoned.blotik abaStars looked for to begin a rice field.bulón abaMonth for beginning to clear a rice field.suk abaBolo used to begin to clear a rice field.2vTo fell a tree in a certain direction by the way it's cut.Abahem eleged yem koyu nofokem.Make it fall upstream that tree you are cutting down.m-.Tey hulung maba tau ni, là hugónen te gunù yem koyu nofoken.This man knows how to fell (a tree), the tree he cut down didn't fall onto the house.n-.Nabahem dou efatu yem lumét nù talaku, wen soging kô gdilanen.Make the lumét (tree) fall to the other side of my field for me, (or) it might crush the bananas.synledof 2ofok 1cfeled 1ewed 1

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