varmló1varhlónSmoothness; cleanliness; plainness, evenness.Nawaw lósólen libun tu bà mbóli igam tahen.Imagine the cleanliness of the yard of that woman, you can even spread a mat on it.adjSmooth, clear, clean, even, free from grass, as a path; clean, no dirt or scraps.m-.2advConstantly, clearly, plainly.m-.Deng hunù mló lem klinguhen yem gel hlauhu.My instructions are always constantly in his ears.3vTo touch, pat lightly; to rub something believed to have power on someone who is sick.Mon le kô klión ke là hen du ke wen nmoen.They say it'll (the child) have a birthmark if he doesn't touch her when he goes to work.Ke wen tau deng mlutut yehenen, là hyu dê nmoen ke là nan na du bè blutut yehenen.It's not good if a man whose wife is pregnant does many things if he doesn't first touch lightly the abdomen of his wife.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tuha logihen yem gel mló du yem yehenen.Her husband is the one to touch his spouse.n-.Yake nló ye bulung hlahil dé.It would be good if you rub on the medicine that makes delivery easy.s-.Ló sumung During pregnancy the husband, or any member of the family, may put a curse on the baby by rubbing an item on the lips and touching it to the woman's abdomen. Despite this rubbing and touching, if the baby is not stillborn, a member of the family or the mother herself has to get an item and rub on the lips to undo any curse they said at times they quarrelled.

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