ahunvarhahunvTo lift something cooked off the fire; to lift up out of, as problems, circumstances; to lift to a higher level or condition.Nii se yem mò ahunem du.This here is for you to lift it with.g-.Yó gunun bud gahun Mà Dì lan le mudél béléen.The reason Uncle was able to be lifted up (out of his problems) was because they talked to him.h-, k-.Mekto kahun le du yó gunu le gotu mluf, mkok yem kuleng.Their lifting of it was abrupt is why they were all burned, the kettle spilled.m-.Mahuni kut kun tlu tedek yem soging tnétéu.Lift out of the fire three of the bananas I roasted for us.n-.Là kat heflò le du, kendel nahun le, ne omin le yó mdek du hanà kinì.They don't overdo it (overcook the corn), they immediately lift it off the fire, then they pound it while it's still hot.ahun nawaidiomTo get away from a depressing situation.

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