nivarmni1vTo ask for; to bargain.Ke lu fi gu bè libun tey lò ni le kimu okóm ke fi le gu bè logi là kô le hol smunggud.If they are with the bride's side they are fond of asking for dowry but if with the groom they are not giving so much dowry.Béen unihem smólók unihem mayad nam gel hni yem btesen.Don't pay immediately after asking (the price), you have to bargain first for the price.g-, gem-, h-.Són yem libun kihu hnihen, ke kemagi duhen dumu kimu.Only the girl can ask for anything, a necklace or other things (of dowry).k-, m-.Alì móyô mni ngà libun ni (mni ken ne kihu tonen béléem).This little girl really likes to ask for things (food or what she sees you have).ne-, s-.A certain group of people who set a high price for their bride but are selfish in giving.vargnihnicfkos 12demThis; here."Bè ni ne, Sembilà, gunuhu mbot kóm," mon Iwas mò ke Hnu."Just here now, Friend, is where I'm going to throw you," Monkey said to Turtle.ek-.Bà mon tey halay le yó kem tau gnahen ekni.Before now, in previous times, long ago.The reason for it is that the people in previous times had a great amount of rice.m-.Dô deng gotu tógó ne mni.Contraction of yem 'that' + ni 'this' meaning now.Maybe it's already all ripe now.Ni kmoen ni déke deng gotu tógó.At this time maybe it's already ripe.cfekni1 1ni kmoen niAt this neRight now.nii/nieThis one here.

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