hlós1vTo proceed, continue on without an obstacle.Tey hbong le yem sol tudók kleb anì yó hlós yem kbong bugelen.They make the hole big where they plant the taro, so that its tuber will continue (have room) to get bigger.ge-, he-, ke-.Kesok bud hyu muhen le bè yó, yó se kehlós le tmiba.If the turtle dove's call indicates it's good, that signals them to continue to clear the field.-em-.Sok deng kkenen ominen yó hemlós yem nabahen.When he has eaten, then he continues work on his field.-en-, se-.varseflóssynbasul 1hekteng 1fromktenguluk 2cflulus 22vTo forfeit.ge-.Là bud gwa du ne yem tehe sandau deng gehlós.I can no longer get back what I pawned, already it is forfeited (lit. proceeds).

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