atakvarkatakmataknRawness.adjUnripe, immature, not fully ripe or dried, not fully cooked, as rice.h-.Bê ye hatak sok ye mò ken.When you cook rice don't undercook it (let it be raw).Ke wen silà hanà matak ke alì legen kehyuhem du, matù.When the corn is still immature, if you keep it a long time, it spoils.k-, m-.Yó gel bol le du, blotung matak duhen ke blangul ne yem hakulen.They always mix into it green (not dried) mung beans or green beans and its young pods.n-.Nataken kut ken ni du?Why is this food not fully cooked?cftatak 1matak kestulónenidiomHis talk is insincere, his thoughts are elsewhere, he's hiding something.matak kulihenidiomHis laugh is insincere, hollow.

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