sol1varmsolnsol1vargsolnA hole.Wen se libun alì metlasik, ket sol ehek ket nlemen.Some women are always very fast and fill every dibble-stick hole.Kem fak, sok kmulón là hol le nù lem él, gel le nù lem sol.When it rains, frogs don't stay in the water much; they usually stay in a hole.vTo make or dig a hole.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tau du msol du yem latahu?Who made a hole in my can?n-.Nsolem yem afus mò kobong.Make a hole in that bamboo for a water container.sol2idiomUnconvincing lies.Béi ukel mò lasun msol bè yó.Don't try to invent questionable reasons there (lit. reasons with holes).2adjWhole, as a field.Sotu sol tiba gunun htoyò metek...One whole field where the leeches jumped wildly...3nA ritual performed on the first day of harvesting or weeding a field. It's like a ground breaking.vTo perform this ritual.Tendo bnentey le ksol le du yem nuta anì le muta bélê le.They continually watch as to when they perform the harvest ritual so that they'll harvest with them.g-, h-, k-.Lumun haya tahu keheklo le du, lumun ni kemdaw ni yem ksolen du yem funen.If tomorrow is the real day for their weeding it, then today the owner (of the field) performs the weeding ritual.m-, n-.Yó tanay gel kmò le du, nan na lemwót yem libun hol fun yem tniba nan na gna gel nsol yem kenlohen.The first thing they do is, the woman who is the owner of the field goes and performs the weeding ritual for the area to be weeded.4nA kind of vine, the sap of which is used as poison for fishing.cfgasi 1Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vinesvTo put the sap of this vine into a body of water to poison the fish; to catch fish with this sap.n-.

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