lós1vTo lop branches from a felled tree.g-, h-, k-.Deng klós le du, són nangat le kékéngen ne kdawen ktem le du.When they finish lopping off the branches, then they wait for it to dry and for the day of their burning it.m-.Deng kedof le, omin le mlós du.When they finish felling the trees, then they lop off the branches.n-.Appendix 08 Ways of cutting2nItems received by the groom's family from the bride's family.Items such as Tboli cloth, brass belt and embroidered blouse or even cash are given to the groom's family from the bride's family prior to a wedding which serves as a capital investment so that they will have something to buy items for the dowry.cftud kimu 1vTo match the dowry by giving items to the groom's family.Yem kimu gu bè libun, yó se yem mon le lós.The items from the bride, that's what they say is to match the dowry.Hilet tnoyong yem lós le.A brass belt with bells is what they gave to match the dowry.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey le bong mlós yó kem dou lai.My son/daughters-in-laws are really good to match dowry.n-, s-.cflaf1 1

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