kukutn(Of the omen bird) a call which foretells danger or peril.Sundu kukut muhen du yem gungolem yó.That was not the call of the omen bird foretelling danger that you heard.This call sounds something like kut, kut, kut, kut. To offset the danger being foretold, Tboli throw out a little gift (it may be a bit of cooked rice or a ring), saying to the omen bird. "Don't come around here foretelling danger. Here, this is for you."cfmuhen 1lemuhenv(For the omen bird) to foretell danger or peril through making a certain call.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Ke ket hayahen kmukut yem muhen, mon le, "Wen negoyen, déke lóyóf tau."If the omen bird keeps making the call which predicts danger every day, they say, "He's enticing something, likely the soul of a person."cfglung 1kutel 1

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