ungkul1nDivination.Ke tilob ungkulen nim tonok bè ni, angat hendau gunù.If the divination is good with the earth in this place, (this is where) I will build my house.Divination is used before building a house, making a field, setting out on a long journey, collecting a debt, arranging a marriage. It is used during sickness to determine the cause of the sickness and whether or not it will end in death. The different means of divination are almost endless. Ungkul is considered to be a type of Tboli medicine.vTo divine.Okóm na le nungkul.But first they will divine.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Deng tehe nungkulu nim gunuhu hemdà gunù.I have already divined (with favorable results) this place where I am building my house.s-, sems-, sens-.synbangan 2cfdangaw 2hkowing 1kowingsensungkul le sukTo foretell whether or not the knife will hurt someone or if it will be stolen.2nFortune, fate or luck.synbagì 1ulét hólól 2adjFortunate, favored, lucky.Sok là mkok yem él, balù udì, mon le mungkul yem tonok bè yó.If it doesn't spill, even a little, they say the land there is fortunate.m-.Tey mungkul gunù ni, laen dù gfà me tahen.This house is very lucky; we've not had trouble (while living) in it.

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