anìsubord conjSo that.Mon le anì hyu kehlafus le ebè tniba.(They cook beforehand) they say so that it's good for them to be early in the morning (going) to the field.anì monem1idiomBut instead. Something different (than what was expected) happened.Ofo kut mon du ke smolok yem mà anì monem mom mung modung.We thought father went fishing but instead he was with those keeping vigil.anienidiomEven if.Anien ni kemdaw ni ke mataye.Even if I die today it doesn't matter.cfewenem 1anien duidiomEven then; so what.anien heidiomEven so.Anien he ke blayu kóm abay se wen duen tagak béléu.Even so if I give (some) to you I still have some left.anien keidiomEven if.Ke semdô le yem sdô wen neeten, anien ke lomi yem gunù le, tnagak le.If they get a pig (when hunting) that has a defect (curse), even if their house is new, they will leave it.anien seidiomI don't care.Anien se ke nam hlun mulék ebè le yéem.I don't care, you can temporarily return to your mother.

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