losvarmlos1vTo strip, scrape off the lice eggs from a strand of hair with fingertips and pointed piece of bamboo.Moi do ilot mò losu kliha.Make for me a lice pick for stripping off the lice eggs.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.2nBoldness, as when asserting oneself.vTo be bold in doing or saying things.g-, h-.Holi hlos kut stulón anì tnóbóng le tu bè nim tey nù ta te.Really be bold to talk for us so that they'll help us in this that is on top of us now.k-, m-, n-, s-.adjBold, unashamed to ask.Gel smólók yem tau fun gunù ke là mlosen kendel bemsut du yem tau mógów yó yem hendufen.The host of the house usually asks the visitor his purpose if he isn't immediately bold to express it.

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