angatvarhangat1advtmFuture tense. Indicates something will happen in the distant future.Sal gel wen henyuhen se kun anì wen gunun ma mò kenen ne angat bud hlahen.As for him, he always puts some away so that he has a place to get his food and he will in the future have something to plant again.synmenku 1

Tense Markers
angat 11 future, incomplete action
deng 2 past, completed action
eles 1 beforehand, in advance
lomi 1 near past
móyón near future
tehe remote past
tolo present continuative
sana 1 present, as always
hanà still, only, not yet
igò 2 while, still, just finished

2nA shelter in a rice field used to watch for rice birds (in order to frighten them away from the ripening grain).angat mà koni.Father just made a shelter in the rice field to watch for rice birds.vTo sit in the shelter and watch for and scare the birds away.m-.Mangati kut leged bè hegna.Please watch for the rice birds upstream by the early rice.n-.Nam ne nangat kut kemdaw ni yem halay, haya he kuta du.First you watch the birds in the rice today for us, tomorrow we'll harvest it.3vTo wait (for someone or something).g-.Mon le là gangat funen du halayen.They say the owner is not able to wait for his rice (i.e., he will die/be sent away for a long time before it is harvested).h-, k-, m-.Mangati kut ke wen tau kól fedyan, kô wen kahì nwit le, mnihi kut bélê le.You wait for someone coming from the market, perhaps they'll have some salt, ask for us from them.n-.Nangatem kut yê kô wen ken tógó nwiten.Please wait for mother, perhaps she is bringing cooked rice with her.s-.synhatan 1cfhékét 1hku 1tanud 1tineg 14vTo put away or keep aside for someone.Sotu blówón angaten kóm.He has put away a gong for you.Tulónen ke mà dì ni wen sotu fandì angaten ke Bedung.He told uncle he had one blanket put away for Bedung.synfan 3hyu 2tgama 1

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