tlek1nDrop of any liquid.varsetlek2adjNevermind; untimely.Yó se kun bud gel mon yem tau knogol le yó, monen, "Tlek gi do wee."The one behind those whose backs are toward him will say, "Nevermind, my friend!"Ne mon yó se kem dumu, "Yó béi tlek mudélem."And the others say, "Nevermind to say anything (just go on)."Yó gunu le là homong mofok kul yó kem koyu lembang bè yem ktiba le, déke là lamang yem lan le tmiba ke tlek kul golun mofok yó kem koyu alì lembang.The reason they don't include cutting the big trees in their clearing of the field is, they might not have a wide area cleared if they untimely (take time) to cut those big trees.3advTo dawdle about doing something; to be indirect.cffeng 1galà 1mken tlekidiomUntimely, wanting to do things at the wrong time.Béi gel mken tlek dé igò tolo wen tey sentulón.Don't always be untimely (be in the way) while there's a very important thing being discussed.synheslet 1fromsletsefed suel 1

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