balu11nSoul; character; appearance.Ke wen lanem mton ke Ibid tólóng se kun lem balu.If you happen to see Brown Lizard you'll notice its appearance is different.Dô ógów baluhen tau tu, anamem yó tey mgel htóbóng béléen, ekimel botong tóbóngen do bewen.Perhaps his soul has left (there's something wrong with) that person there; despite it's being very hard to get help from him, yesterday he unbelievably helped me with his carabao (loaned).synadat 1asal 1halas 1kmò 1from1knawa 1mógów baluidiomSaid of someone who does something unusual or refuses to do what is expected (lit. His soul (mind) is gone).Mógów baluhen ngà là mimón ni.His soul has left this disobedient child here.2nRays of the sun; fibers of abaca; strand, as of hair or beads.Nayem o kun sbalu yem kdungon mò toolu yem mimet mò lieg ngau.Give me one strand of abaca to thread the beads for my child's necklace.s-.Tek sbalu blayen do.She gave me just one strand.synholu 1balu kdawSun rays.balu kdungonStrand of abaca.balu kulónStrands of rain.balu liegStrand of beads.balu tnikelStrand of thread.balu wekStrand of hair.adjNet-like, as strands of beads woven together.Wen blay le do lieg bnalu.They gave me a net-like necklace.-n-.Nam e hnénég balu lenos motun bè Hnulu Halay, tô kbangen lulun igam.Look at the strand of wind (typhoon) rolling up Mt. Hnulu Halay. It's as big as rolled up mats.synbitek 2halut 1tooltloolbalu2idiomIt refers to the intensity of the typhoon, as seen in the thick sheets (slanting strands) of rain.3vTo take turns, spell off.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Tlasik bnalu ye o kun mit du ngà ni deng des sigelu.Quickly spell me in carrying this child; my arm is already aching.s-.Sbalu te mit du.We'll each take turns carrying it.sen-, sem-.

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