lewu1nCardinal number 2.Hyu ke ket tau na lewu duhen tlu hunges ken nù béléen anì wen se nwiten bè kem ngaen.It's good if each person has two or three wrapped servings of food with him so that he has something to take to his children.adjSecond in a series.Tngón le se ke kmulón bè bulón glewun duhen mnóng bè bulón getlun kól bè gfaten.They know if it will rain in the second month or be sunny in the third or even the fourth.g-.Ke deng bud gewu le dulék muta, boluyen seef.When they harvest again a second time, it's called second-harvest.lewu nawaidiomUndecided (lit. to have two breaths).megewu nawaidiomDoubtful.2adjLoose, large, as clothing or jewelry.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Lenwuhen béléu kgal ni igoen sem geblà béléu bulón gna?Why is this blouse so loose on me when it just fit me a month ago?

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