leged1advUpstream, higher area (whole area)."Mungi do dé," monen, "na nauy soging huluw leged.""You go with me," he said, "to visit the bananas I planted upstream."Sal fi leged yem kulu él.The source of the river is always in a higher area.Deng le kól tleged ekimel.They arrived at a distant place higher up yesterday afternoon.varsnegedantbwak 1ool 2cfsubô 12adjIndustrious; diligent.Tau leged bè Tboli anien ke là dengen mógów miwol libun, tódô wen mton du.In Tboli even if an industrious person doesn't go looking for a girl, there will be one that finds him.Són tenngel le béléen bè kegeden ne bè kehyu nawan, masa ne kenbong nawan tuónen.The only (things) they look for in him are his industriousness and his good breath (character), his giving and his love for his parents-in-law.antawal 2duk 1ledug 2ledut 2lefu 1synkimed 1megenek 1fromgenek

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