tngónvargetngónhentengónhetngónketngónsetngóntenngónnKnowledge.Sok wen tngón yem tau là kô nam e gongò du.If a person has knowledge you can't fool him.synkenhulung 1hulung 1vTo know, have information about something or someone; to understand; to have wisdom, knowledge.Ke deng tngón le kehyu muhen le, omin le mulék.When they already know the omen bird's call is good, then they return, he-, ke, -em-, -en-, se-.synglemet 1cfglileb 1adjWise, knowledgeable.Tey temngón tau tu.That person is very wise.-em-.Yó gunu le baling temngón ni kmoen ni, lemwót bè klatas nit btoti.The reason they become knowledgeable now is because of the paper brought by the wagtail bird.synhulung 1cfglalag 1

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