hulu1nAnything that is planted which will be of benefit (such as grains, vegetables, tubers, herbs, coffee, cacao, coconut, fruit trees, bamboo, flowers).Tey wen hulu le yó kem tau Lem Snólón, tódô lengeb hilol gunù le.The people of Lem Snólón have so many plants, each of their yards are full.Appendix 17 PlantsvTo plant something.E tenngelem dé, deng gotu mékéng dounen soging huluhu.O look, the leaves of the banana I planted are already dry.m-.Deng bulung bolos, omin le tahu mulu silà ni du kem libun.When the early corn has been planted (by the man), then the women actually plant the corn.n-.Deng hnuluhem timun bè skê tnibahem kô?Have you planted cucumbers at the bottom of your field?There is a spirit-being named Mulu 'the one who plants'. According to tradition, at the beginning of all things he planted everything that grows in this world. Some time after that, he left this world and moved to some remote place. Since then he has had nothing to do with this world or the people living in it. Many associate Mulu with the God of the Bible.synehek 1sohul 1cfbnes 12vTo plant false information; to tell that which is not true, make something up.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Béi tódô hmulu.Don't just make something up.-n-.Béem tódô hnulu kun udél sotu tau.Don't just plant false information in the words of another person.s-.synlebù 1

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