lutós1vTo kill, destroy or get slowly, as wasting plants little by little at an early stage of growth or finishing something up little by little before the time it is really needed.lutós le yem bakù lomi huluhu ni kem tau ni.These people here (had already been coming back and forth) to get little by little my newly planted tobacco.g-, h-, k-, kes-, -em-, m-.Deng tódô kdéen tau gotu nee fen lemutós yem tey huluhu bè yem kbel bitil.It was just everyone who finished off little by little my big garden in the hunger season.-en-, n-, s-.2vTo go for help all the time to the same person until he has nothing left; to keep someone else from having more than you.-em-.Lu se alì lemutós du.They are the ones who always come for help and keep him poor.-en-.Là gfaen du yó alì élél ke là alì lenutós le du yó kem fes lówóhen.He wouldn't have the trouble of being so poor if his family didn't run to him for help all the time.cflotos 2

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