nawavarnefet nawanBreath; spirit; character; feelings.Tólóng yem nawa tau bè nawa ógóf.A person's character is different from the character of an animal.vTo breathe.g-.Okóm ke tek udì yem sol gunu le mulu du, là kóen bong yem bugelen abay se klot, là gnawahen.But if the hole is small where they plant it, the tuber won't be big because it's tight and it's not able to breathe.h-, k-, m-.Tolo mnawa yem ohu yó.That dog is still breathing.synledof 1

Some idioms using nawa
blat nawa sad, unhappy
efet nawa hope
hbong knawa to sigh
hbong nawa building a name for oneself at the expense of someone else
hyu nawa happy/pleased
kensidek nawa discouraged
lemtów nawa scatterbrained, floating, does not feel like doing anything
maan nawa lighthearted
meklit nawa annoyed, irritated, disturbed
mutó nawa hateful
nefet nawa hopeful
ónó nawa worry
sebkes nawa breaths are tied together {When the marriage arrangement has been made for two children who do not know each other, eventually the parents have them live and play together until they want each other. Even if the parents decide that they really do not want them to marry, it is too late because they 'i'sebkes nawa'i' their breaths are tied to each other.}
segemung nawa/sesotu nawa two or more who agree in opinion, principle, united in cooperation
semgemung nawa ngà quarrel between an adult and children; quarrel between adults caused by children
sidek nawa hurt, feeling bad
ston nawa to be intimate, as friends
sutó nawa hating one another

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