bungvarsbungnA group, cluster, crowd.Sotu bung tau se kul yó kem Ita.Another group of people are the Ita.vTo group, gather in one place; to swarm, as mosquitoes; to be encircled by something at a certain place as rain, tornado, bees, flies.Nbung ye yem ket ólól bè ket tau.Group together the portion for each person.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Botonge gemhebong ofi bà mon nen e nbung mi tey blawang mfól.I was forced to make a big fire due to the fact that we were swarmed by lots of mosquitoes.s-.Gel le sbung yó kem iwas kesok me slubà.Monkeys cluster together when we hunt with dogs.

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