tgamavTo be careful, cautious; to think ahead, prepare; to set aside.Lemwót yó kem tau mulu nwa le yem kimu eles tgama le, ne hasà le ta yem bigu kay le ebélê le.The people of the wedding party get the things they have prepared beforehand and place them on top of the winnowing basket of food that has been served to, he-, ke-.Ke leban yem gunu le gel mla, tey gel ketgama le du kô lokob.If it's a basket they plant from, they are very careful with it because the basket might tip over.-em-.Yó se gunu le gel temgama du anì laen du lokob.That's why they are very careful so that no (container) shall be left upside down.-en--.Yó se sotu gel ten-gama le ke gel le mkay ken bè tau.That's one thing they are careful about if they serve food to tipping over of any container means cutting off the life of any seed from growing. It is just like releasing a spell or curse upon the plants.synangat 4igam nawa 1ingat 1tdù 1cfabung 1hlinok 1adjCareful, cautious, watchful.synhtifes 1cffan 3hyu 2tginof 1

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