gbangàvTo coincide, concur with; to match up with; to arrive at a particular place at the same time.Ke gbangà le yem tilob bulón bè kehek gel mon le angat mfól halayen.If they coincide with the good month to plant rice, they always say the rice will be thick.Timbow gbangà le gun sigol lan...When they arrived at the same time where the path curved...Ke gbangaem libun matù logi là knahem du ne deng kbougen kóm libun ni alì kbookem.If you had matched up with a woman who defies man, long ago this woman would have beaten you up for your foolishness.he-.Béem hegbangà béléen yem gunun któ.Don't let the torn part (of the material) match up with, -em-, -en-, se-.(Of people) to encounter each other in anger or competition.kese-.synglouf 1louf 1cfgeblà 2blà 2geslà 1slàseblà 1blà 1

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